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Taiwan work contract warning

Here's wise advice if you're planning to work in Taiwan: Don't agree to have your employment contract illegally extended beyond three years, because you face the penalties for overstaying if caught.

According to Jackson Gan, president of Pilipino Manpower Agencies Accredited to Taiwan, all workers there should come home immediately after their three-year contract expires. Gan advised workers against dealing with illegal brokers who promise to extend their employment contract after expiration.

All foreigners in Taiwan are allowed to work there for a maximum of nine years, but should return to their home country every three years to secure a new contract. It is estimated that more than 100,000 Filipinos are now working in Taiwan.

"We advise Filipino workers in Taiwan to strictly follow the provisions of their contracts and, in view of the current business climate in the world, not to take risks by overstaying in Taiwan and suffer more serious consequences," Gan said.

Filipinos who are lured by illegal brokers are undocumented and usually end up working in miserable conditions, he warned.